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Family Weekend Fun - Take Your Kids to the Airport… I’m Not Kidding!

February 1, 2016 by novallus

I’m always looking for opportunities to get my kids out of the house. My two year old boy is really interested in trucks, tractors, trains, planes, police cars, and fire trucks. My three year old girl think’s they are pretty cool too. When my wife suggested a family outing to the airport I cringed. Any parent that’s been through the terminal with an obscene amount of luggage and a stroller know’s it isn’t exactly what we’d call “fun”. Not exactly what she had in mind.

Did you know, there’s an aircraft viewing area at the Minneapolis / St. Paul airport?

Yes, you can get out of your car in the open air and watch the planes take off and land. There are picnic tables, benches, and plenty of free parking. The pace was about a plane a minute, which could even keep my two year old’s attention. They each looked at incoming planes and shouted whether it was a “big one” or a “little one”. Of course, each thought they were always right (I wonder where they got that thought).

Here’s a link to the map.

Maybe your kids (or inner kid) will think it’s cool too!

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