Farm Insurance

Farm Insurance

Of the 2 Million farms in the US, 95% are sole proprietorships with the average age of the farmer around 60 years old. Many of these farms are valuable businesses with most of the farmers net worth and retirement nest egg at risk from farming operations.

Know Your Farm Insurance Coverage
What can my Farm Insurance cover?
  • Farm Property
  • Farm Liability
  • Farm Equipment
  • Tractors
  • Farm Home
  • Farm Outbuildings
  • Personal Property
  • Animals
What is likely excluded from my Farm Insurance?
  • Crop Insurance*
  • Farm Auto*
  • Farm Umbrella*
  • Loss of Business Income*
  • Workers Compensation*
  • Errors and Omissions*
  • Life Insurance*
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Disability Insurance

*Available Policies

Content is for educational purposes only and is not an offer of coverage. Please read and understand your specific policy coverage and exclusions.

Insurance Tips

What to consider when selecting your coverage.

  • A thorough and complete inventory of farm property and equipment is important. Collect photos and serial numbers.
  • Thorough and accurate scope of operations is important in determining risk and exposure.
  • Complete Building descriptions including size and type with year updated
  • Listing any personal valuable items (jewelry, weapons, art, etc.)

Claims Story

Tom was in his John Deere combine harvesting corn. He smelled a faint burning smell but didn’t think anything of it. After turning around in the field it got stronger. Tom got out and saw smoke coming from under one of the shields. He called the fire department. When they arrived they found a fire started in the grain tank and spread to the separator. Tom called his agent, took the combine in for repair and replacement of components and had a rental combine to use until his combine was fixed.

Lesson Learned

By appropriately including his combine and value on his equipment schedule, he was insured for the repair of the combine.

Why Choose Us?

We love farms. Growing up on a family farm and working in corn research gives us an appreciation for the risk and reward of the farmer. We’ll give your farm insurance the thorough review to make sure it’s up to date with today’s coverage protections.