Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance

Everyone needs an umbrella. It protects your income and assets. If you’re held liable for an accident your policy may have limits as low as $10,000. The jury award could be $1,000,000 or more. Who pays the difference? Your home, property, investments, and wages can be seized and garnished.

Use our Free Personal Liability Calculator to help determine what type of coverage you need to protect your income and assets.
Personal Liability Calculator
Know Your Umbrella Insurance Coverage
What can my Umbrella Insurance cover?
  • Personal Liability to others
  • Limits Up to $5 Million
  • Personal Injury Coverage
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Vacation Rental Liability
  • Defense Coverage
  • Uninsured Motorist*
  • Underinsured Motorist*
  • *via endorsement
What is likely excluded from my Umbrella Insurance?
  • Business Liability & Property
  • Coverage where an underlying policy is required
  • Criminal Acts
  • War
  • Exotic / Dangerous Animals
  • Racing
  • Aircraft
  • And more
Content is for educational purposes only and is not an offer of coverage. Please read and understand your specific policy coverage and exclusions.

Insurance Tips

What to consider when selecting your coverage.

  • Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist endorsement protects your family from losses involving an uninsured or underinsured driver.
  • How to determine what's at risk and select the right limit?
  • Make sure each of your underlying policies have the required limits.

Claims Story

The Insured hosted a party at his home. Among the guests was the Claimant, a family friend who was also the Insured’s financial advisor. The Claimant brought his wife, infant, and 2 year old child to the party. The Insured gave the Claimant a jug of spring water for him to use to mix formula for the infant. The 2 year old child also had a drink. Shortly thereafter, the children became ill. The family left the party, and then took the children to the hospital. The hospital requested the water jug which was found to contain arsenic. An old label was found wrapped around the handle with the word “weed killer” printed on it. The Insured had apparently mixed a solution of weed killer in a jug similar to the ones used for spring water and mistakenly given it to the Claimant. The infant died and the 2 year child survived after being in critical condition. The Personal Umbrella policy limits were paid out.
Source: Independent Agent

Lesson Learned

Don’t let an unfortunate accident destroy your financial future. The cost of an umbrella policy is typically less than one hour of a defense attorney’s time.

Why Choose Us?

Don’t let one car or home accident ruin your financial future. We’ll help you find the right amount of coverage for your risk profile and check in with you to make sure the coverage continues to meet your needs.